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The Portrait

Song performed by Marialena Spinoula

(Lyrics - music : Giannis Georgantelis)

The stationmaster Georgiou Xenofon

Song with Makis Papagavriil and Marialena Spinoula (vocals)

(lyrics - music : Giannis Georgantelis)


 The song has been inspired by the old railway station in Mandraki in northern Greece (Serres) which was abandoned and covered with water when artificial lake of “Kerkini” was made in the early 30’s. Until a few years ago whenever the water level was low, ruins from the emerged to the surface of the lake.

Ruins from the old railwaiy station in Mandraki.

pic. Giannis Skoulas from the album "Railway stations, Trains and Horizons"

Luna Park

Song performed by Dafni Panourgia from the song group "The Attic with the Scarecrows" (1998)

(Lyrics - music: Giannis Georgantelis

The Toybox


2nd Audition of "Mikri Arktos"

Participation on the “2nd Audition of Mikri Arktos” CD with two songs :

- “ The Attic with the Scarecrows” with the female vocal ensemble SONAMA

- “Mirror Mirror on the Wall” with Stefanos and John Sinis

The Attic with the Scarecrows (SONAMA)

(lyrics - music : Giannis Georgantelis)

Arkas "You wake the animal in me"

Music in the CD-Rom "You wake the animal in me" by Arkas (Livanis publishing house) and background music in “Gazi 2000 Comic Festival” for the 20 years Arkas celebrations (organized by Babel publishing house).

From the background music in "Gazi 2000 Comic Festival"


Music theater performance based on the "Invisible Cities" by Italo Calvino, performed by the music theater groups “Afros - Ikasma” and “the TNT” , directed by Chrysa Apostolatou - Paul Stebbings ,/ props - costumes by Kostis Papadopoulos and music composed by Chrysa Apostolatou, Giannis Georgantelis, Dimitris Varelas, Eleni Karavouzi and Nikos Psarianos.

Played on 12 & 13/12/2001 Megaron Athinon with the symphony orchestra “Orchistra ton Chromaton” directed by Miltos Logiadis.

Pictures : Costis Papadopoulos

Perinthia, the town of monsters

music from the theater play

 (text : I.Calvino / music Giannis Georgantelis)

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