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pic Costas Chatzopoulos

The music group CAROUSEL appeared for the first time in 2001 and since then they have had a constant presence in the Greek music scene.Their musical repertoire revolves around South Europe and its people, but it also extends to other worlds where their music is close to these sounds.

Their repertoire travels the listener from fados and folk songs of Portugal, through the Spanish tradition and its Sephardic songs, to Italian local melodies like Napoletan canzonettes and tarantellas of the South. Passing through the melodies of Corsica, Sardinia and Provence, the listener arrives at the Greek dialect speaking villages of Salento in South Italy. Finally the repertoire also involves traditional music of Greece, creating bridges with the sounds of the music of other peoples.


Carousel are:

Marialena Spinoula : Vocals, percussion

Feni Noussia : Vocals, percussion

Makis Papagavriil: Vocals, percussion, guitar, mandolin, oud

Giannis Georgantelis : Accordion, guitar

Stavros Katirtzoglou : Guitar

Apostolos Kaltsas: Electric bass

Aremu Rindineddha

Song in "Griko" (from the Greek speaking villages of Salento in South Italy)

TKKP (Tou Kairou kai Panta)

The group first appeared in 2002 and continued until 2009 with live performances in various music scenes of Athens .

With central core Papagavriil Makis (vocals , guitar) , Giannis Georgantelis ( accordion , keyboards) and Apostolis Kaltsas ( bass ), they were more of a big music fellowship where all members ( busy with various bands each) have submitted their personal acoustic and electric stories in an unrestricted way.

Their main musical base was the legendary music stage Baraki tou Vasili .

During these eight years many musicians played with the group : Giorgos Pogiatzis ( violin ) , Alexis Stratikis (electric guitar) , Nikos Psarianos (drums ) , Nikos Kyriazopoulos ( percussion ) , Giannis Papanastasiou (Sax), Christos Alexakis (keyboards ) , Anna Eleftheriadou (piano ) , Alexis Antonopoulos ( drums) , Sakis Vargemtzidis (piano ) , Vasilis Kazatzis (guitar - vocals ) and Marialena Spinoula (singing and organizing rehearsals with legendary feasts!).

The group recorded a CD (independent production) which was not officially released.


(lyrics - music : Giannis Georgantelis)

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